Membership Terms


Membership is open to any Kenyan above eighteen (18) years who is interested in research and practice in the areas of education and social sciences discipline. Subject to the approval of the executive committee, one shall become a member upon payment of a registration fee and meeting the requirements under any of the three categories below:

    1. Fellows - An individual with a minimum work experience of fifteen (15) years in educational or social sciences related field and holds a PhD/Masters degree in an education/social sciences or any other relevant field with evidence of contribution in the authorship of at least six (6) key policy documents and/or research papers published in refereed journals.
    2. Full members - An individual who holds a PhD/Masters in education/social sciences or any other relevant field, with a working experience of at least ten (10) years in any recognizable and reputable Kenyan/International educational/research organization, with evidence of authorship of at least two (2) key policy documents and/or research papers published in refereed journals.
    3. Associate members - A holder of bachelors of education/social sciences who has impacted the field of education/social sciences research and practice through a refereed publication/participation in academic conference, and shown intent of pursuing post graduate studies.
    4. Life Member- Must be a founding member/fellow as stated in (a) above. Must be a person of good standing in the society. Must have registered with Kshs 75,000 in the society. Must annually contribute to the society an amount not less than a fellows’ annual membership renewal fee.

Membership and Subscription

  1. Registration fees for members of ESSRAK are specified as follows:
  2. Life Members shall pay a registration fee of Kenya shillings 75,000
  3. Fellows shall pay a registration fee of Kenya shillings 15,000.00
  4. Full Members shall pay registration fee of Kenya shillings 7,500.00
  5. Associate Members shall pay a registration fee of Kenya shillings 2,500.00
  6. The registration fee is subject to review and amendment as need arises by the executive subject to confirmation by the trustees.
  7. All membership application forms shall be accompanied by Kenya shillings 1000.00 as processing fee.
  8. Membership shall be renewed annually subject to payment of annual renewal fees as follows
    • Fellows- Kenya shilling 2500 
    • Full members- Kenya shilling 2500
    • Associate members - Kenya shillings 1500 .00

The fee is subject to review and amendment as need arises by the executive subject to confirmation by the trustees. The annual subscription shall fall due on 1st January of each year which is payable in advance. Every duly paid up member shall be issued a membership certificate.

Resignation, Suspension/Expulsion

Any member desiring to resign from ESSRAK shall submit his/her resignation letter to the executive. The resignation shall take effect once the member has surrendered all the assets of the association and the trustees have certified that has happened.

  1. Any member may be expelled from membership if an Adhoc. disciplinary committee formed by the Executive Committee so recommends and ratified by the trustees that such a member should be expelled on the grounds that his/her conduct has adversely affected the reputation or dignity of ESSRAK, or that he/she has contravened any of the provisions of the constitution of ESSRAK. The Adhoc. disciplinary committee shall form its own rules of engagement which shall be guided by rules of natural justice.
  2. Any person who resigns or is removed from membership shall not be entitled to a refund of his/her subscription or any part thereof or any moneys contributed by him/her at any time.
  3. Any member who falls into arrears with his/her subscriptions for more than six months shall forfeit their rights to vote, participate in any election, attend and/or participate in any meeting of the association. The executive committee may, however, at its discretion, reinstate such privileges to a member upon payment of the outstanding subscription and provided that the affected member(s) pays additional fine as may be proposed by the committee.



Education and Social Sciences Research Association of Kenya (ESSRAK) is a professional association that brings together scholars and researchers of education as well as the social sciences fields, who rely on quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in carrying out research. ESSRAK is concerned with promoting and encouraging good practices in the aforesaid researches, the dissemination and practical application of the results.