Fellow membership

Fellows will be individuals with a minimum work experience of fifteen (15) years in educational or social sciences related field and holds a PhD/Masters degree in an education/social sciences or any other relevant field with evidence of contribution in the authorship of at least six (6) key policy documents and/or research papers published in refereed journals.

Fellows shall pay a registration fee of Kenya shillings 15,000.00 and shall be renewed annually with Kenya shillings  2500.00


Duration: 1 year
Price: ksh15,000.00


Education and Social Sciences Research Association of Kenya (ESSRAK) is a professional association that brings together scholars and researchers of education as well as the social sciences fields, who rely on quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in carrying out research. ESSRAK is concerned with promoting and encouraging good practices in the aforesaid researches, the dissemination and practical application of the results.